Nose Job
Rhinoplasty is one of the aesthetic surgeries where technique, experience and dexterity are at the forefront.
Rhinoplasty in Turkey, Istanbul
seconder rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct an unwanted condition that persists or occurs after the first rhinoplasty. After the first surgery, it is done to restore the appearance or functionality of the nose.
Revision Rhinoplasty in Turkey, Istanbul
Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty
Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty with Piezzo
Ultrasonic technologies are now used in nose aesthetic operations. To achieve good results in nasal aesthetic surgery, experts have a wide range of tools including bone saws, carbide blasting and power-assisted blasting.
Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
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