Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases in Children

ENT Diseases in Children

Common childhood ENT diseases:
· Cold
· Beta Hemolytic Streptococcal inflammation in throat
· Middle ear inflammation
· Sinusitis

Commonly performed pediatric ENT operations:
· Tonsils and tonsil surgery
· Nasal flesh and nasal flesh surgery
· Inflammation of the middle ear, fluid collection in the middle ear and ear tube surgery

A few days after birth, children experience nasal congestion and difficulty breathing, and families have to meet the ENT doctor. Afterwards, unfortunately, especially during the day of kindergarten-starting kindergarten, children suffer from diseases of the ear, nose and throat. Frequent recurrent diseases in the weakest period of the immune system are usually upper respiratory tract infections caused by viral causes. Depending on these, there is enlargement of the tissue located behind the nose, usually called adenoid vegetation – nasal genesis, and nasal congestion, open mouth while sleeping, occasional ear pain and hearing loss that occur when these symptoms persist for several months. If the nasal congestion persists for many years, it may cause deterioration of the facial upper jaw-palate structure.

In kindergarten-age children followed by pediatricians, an ENT specialist should also be considered when these complaints occur.

Nasal flesh growth, nasal congestion and frequent colds, runny nose, and often cough symptoms can lead to the accumulation of fluid in the ear cavity. And serous otitis or otitis with effusion can cause the disease that causes hearing loss. Delay in this condition, which can be diagnosed and treated in time, may necessitate surgery for ventilation tube insertion. Nasal flesh and tube insertion surgery provides great relief for children who do not respond to treatment. The tonsils that are necessary for the development of the immune system frequently cause beta hemolytic streptococci or shortly beta infections and related difficulty in swallowing due to high fever and difficulty in breathing due to enlarged tonsils are among the most common diseases in children. The risk of heart, kidney and joint diseases that may occur following the healing of beta infection increases the importance of the disease. Despite repeated treatment with penicillin, frequent recurrent tonsils may also be required. Tonsil and nasal flesh surgery, under general anesthesia in the mouth and usually in 4-5 days in children without causing much trouble, resulting in healing operations. In recent years, operations have been performed with the method called Thermal Welding which is rapidly spreading because it shortens the operation time and reduces the bleeding in the operation. In the postoperative period, when the fluid intake and soft diet are taken into consideration, simple pain relievers improve rapidly.

It should not be forgotten in allergic conditions that are common in children and often unimaginable and should be considered in the presence of allergies and persistent cough and nasal congestion in the family.

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