Rinoplastia ultrasónica

Rinoplastia ultrasónica

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty in Turkey, Istanbul

Ultrasonic technologies are now used in nose aesthetic operations. To achieve good results in nasal aesthetic surgery, experts have a wide range of tools including bone saws, carbide blasting and power-assisted blasting. However, each one of these devices has its own limits.
Now, surgeons performing nasal aesthetics operations use ultrasonic devices that provide more accurate and accurate results than traditional rhinoplasty tools for the correction of nasal bones.
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The Ultrasonic Bone Aspirator

The ultrasonic bone aspirator uses sound waves that do not damage the surrounding membranes, nerves, veins, bone cells and tissue in the process of taking or shaping the bones. These devices also assist in the elimination of major deformations such as minimal impairment of surgeons, correction of asymmetries and nose deviation.

It was originally developed for ultrasonic bone aspirator, brain surgery and orthopedic surgery. Because it removes small bone fragments without damaging the surrounding tissues. This device produces very little heat and uses irrigation and suction (vacuuming) together.
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