Revision (Secondary) Rhinoplasty Turkey Price 2024

Revision Rhinoplasty in Turkey, Istanbul Revision rhinoplasty is a highly specialized practice in rhinoplasty surgery. In these operations, the problems that arise as a result of previous nose surgery are corrected and the size, width, profile, tip and nasal asymmetry obtained in previous surgeries are addressed by itself. It also helps to address the respiratory problem as a result of structural failure in the nose. When necessary, grafts obtained from ribs or ear cartilage is usually preferred and the problems are tried to be corrected.

Although revision rhinoplasty is the first disfigurement that comes to mind, the functional effect it provides is just as important. Nose surgery is a surgical procedure in which a small amount of space is removed between the nose and the nose. This and many other aesthetic and functional defects such as secondary rhinoplasty, also called revision surgery can be removed. Revision Rhinoplasty in Turkey is performed successfully with all applicable surgical techniques. Also Turkish clinics and hospitals are also suitable for this surgery. Even if you are operated on by a different doctor, you can have revision rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey. In that there is a drawback. Revision surgeries performed by experienced Turkish surgeons always yield successful results.

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct an unwanted condition that persists or occurs after the first rhinoplasty. After the first surgery, it is done to restore the appearance or functionality of the nose. Revision rates generally vary according to the experience of the surgeon. However, surgeons may also need revision in some cases, regardless of experience and expertise. This is due to the complexity of rhinoplasty operations and sometimes unexpected situations can occur after the surgery has started. In some cases, complications may occur during the healing process due to the complex structure of the nose.



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Who is Suitable for Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure in which the patient is not satisfied with the new nose, and the nose is replaced with a new one due to problems such as unwanted irregularities, collapse, disfigurement, and inability to breathe. The aim of revision rhinoplasty surgery is to transform the anatomical structure and appearance of the nose into natural and suitable for the patients facial structure and reconstruct what is negative in the nose. It can be applied to all patients aged 18 and over. If the patient has very serious health problems, this surgery can be performed until the age of 16.





How is Revision Rhinoplasty Performed?

After a detailed examination, the doctor will tell you how and why the problem occurred and discuss the solutions with you, focusing on potential ones. By explaining what needs to be done, it produces personal solutions tailored to your needs. First of all, surgery, by its nature, varies according to the person. In aesthetic nose surgery, the nose is shaped by changing its position and repositioning using the cartilage inside the nose. If all of the cartilage in the nose is used in the first operations, cartilage is taken from the ear or rib in revision operations. For bone or cartilage supplementation, cartilage and tissues taken from the patients own body are used due to the possibility of any risk of allergic reaction. Revision rhinoplasty is performed with general anesthesia.

Why is Revision Rhinoplasty Needed?

Revision rhinoplasty is a procedure that is often used by people who have had a nose job before but are not satisfied with the result or who continue to have problems such as difficulty breathing or congestion. Revision rhinoplasty is a much more difficult procedure than the first rhinoplasty. The reason for this is the change of anatomical plans and the presence of missing tissues. The success of surgery, correction of physiological functions, as well as the diagnosis and correction of the problems that have occurred in the nose is one of the points to be considered. These are very important for the comfort of ones life. Revision rhinoplasty surgery usually requires cartilage to correct the problems that are present. If the cartilage removed from the inside of the nose is insufficient, cartilage is removed from the ear scoop. As an alternative to this, cartilage that will be removed from the rib can also be used. The resulting cartilage fixes the existing problem.

When should Revision Rhinoplasty be done?

Revision Rhinoplasty is performed to correct dissatisfaction after a nose surgery. Therefore, the patient is constantly focused on the problems experienced after the first surgery. In order to correct these problems, operations performed under general anesthesia fall under the scope of secondary nose surgery revision. Nose surgeries have a healing process between up to 12 months. For this reason, the revision surgery must be performed at least 12 months after the first surgery.


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